Which one is right for you?

All Options include board and wetsuit as well as instruction on safety, wave movement, surf etiquette.

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Lesson Prices:

All lessons are $90.

The Recruit series is $240.


Bring your own wetsuit: $20 off  (3/2 thickness full suit required; 4/3 thickness recommended); Local shops rent these for $12-$15, so it's worth it

Student and Teacher/Faculty Discount (must show ID): $20 off

Groups: 4 or more receive a 20% discount

Other special discounts announced on Facebook and Twitter.

Discounts cannot be combined or claimed when using gift certificates.

The Noserider

Our most popular option. This 2.5-3 hour lesson includes 30-40 minutes of beach instruction and about 2 hours of instruction in the water. The goal of this lesson is to get you standing and riding on a wave.

Who should choose The Noserider? First-time surfers who have decent physical fitness; people who want to say they’ve surfed and bring home a sweet pic; people who’ve surfed before and want a refresher and some time to surf; visitors who just want a local to show them a good beach break and be a surfing buddy.

The Paddler

Perfect for those who want a gentler introduction to surfing. This 2 hour lesson includes expanded beach instruction and 30-45 minutes of in-the-water instruction. We’ve run across many women whose children or partners surf and they want to understand the experience and support their loved ones but they are unsure about trying it for themselves. The goal of this lesson is to help you better understand surfing and gently introduce you to wave-riding. You will also receive a packet of information to help you remember what you’re learning so that you feel confident trying it again anytime.

Who should choose The Paddler? First-time surfers who have a few fears or hesitations about surfing and want a gentle introduction; people who have kids or partners who surf and want to know more about safety and the surf environment; my mom.

The Charger

This highly-adaptable lesson is designed for people with a unique, specific need. Mama Can Surf loves working with individuals with disabilities and we can work with you to design a surf experience to remember. We can sometimes arrange for specialized equipment and additional instructors, so don’t hesitate to contact us and start building your ultimate surf lesson. Paralyzing fear of sharks, drowning, or how you’ll look in a wetsuit? We can help with that, too. The goal of this lesson is to get you in the waves and surf however it works for you.

Who should choose The Charger? People with a specific need that would exclude them from a typical group lesson; people who want to be heavily involved in designing their private lesson.

The Recruit (multi-lesson)

The beginning of something wonderful. This series of lessons (3 2-hour lessons) prepares you for a long, happy life of wave-riding. We’ll expand the beach instruction to include the fundamentals of equipment care, get you up on a wave, and set you up for transitioning to the next level of surfing, including paddling out, positioning, wave selection, and board maneuvers. The goal of this lesson is to get you standing on a wave and taking the next steps to improve your overall ability.

Who should choose The Recruit? People who want to make surfing a more consistent part of their lives; people who feel stuck in the beginner mode or who have gaps in basic surfing knowledge or ability; my husband.