You have to start sometime...

The way I feel about blogging is probably similar to the way many women feel about surfing -- it's a great opportunity both to unlock great happiness and great embarrassment. A few parallels:

1. What if my template and design are outdated and unprofessional?  = What if I look dumb in a wetsuit?
2. What if my spelling and grammar are horrible? = What if it takes me a while to learn to surf and I fall into the water a lot?
3. What if I say things that are uninteresting, or worse, untrue? = What if the water is cold and the waves are too big?
4. What if I don't have time to keep it up? = What if I don't have time to try?

Mama Can Surf exists to make the waves accessible to women of all ages, sizes, and abilities. We cater each private lesson to the individual student, so we'll address all your concerns and work toward all your goals. If that's standing up on a wave, done. If that's getting a great photo for your grandchildren, done. If it's learning basic ocean safety and surf etiquette, done. Even if your only goal is to work up the courage to get into the ocean and feel a wave take you gently back to shore, we're here to make it happen.

My goal for the blog is help readers tap into the surfing lifestyle from this woman's perspective and share the excitement, peace, and happiness it has helped bring about.

I guess the worst thing is not to try, right? So here goes...

p.s. If you have a specific topic or question you'd like to cover. Or if you'd like to contribute, email me or comment below.